Don't forget the sub-theme of the fear of being unable to live up to family expectations. Poor Speed has a genius wrestling champion for a father, the a smart and slick older brother who just might be the best racer in the world, and a younger brother bursting with imagination. But Speed? He knows that he's not smart.… » 7/15/14 3:03pm 7/15/14 3:03pm

What I imagine is a scene where a young Starlord meets a young Gamorra kicking ass as Cherry Bomb plays in his walkman. After she's beat up like 20 space cops, she hands him the doohicky he as stealing, gives him a sudden, fierce kiss and just as the song hits "Ch-Ch-Ch-CHERRY BOMB!", and then she walks away. As he… » 7/03/14 4:07pm 7/03/14 4:07pm

I think the real problem is that different backstories work best for different villains, because different types of villains are used as different kinds of tools in a story. What's more, as the story expands, a particular villain's role may change, so their old backstory might need to be expanded as well. And the more… » 6/03/14 5:09pm 6/03/14 5:09pm

Yeah, I always expected Short Round to show up in a later Indiana Jones thing as a grown up total bad-ass. Imagine a new set of Indiana Jones style adventures, starring a grown up shorty in the swinging 60s or the bad-ass 70s, with an older Indy as his mentor. Shorty vs. the Commies, Shorty vs a mad American general,… » 5/30/14 4:54pm 5/30/14 4:54pm

I would add that in general, modern American audiences love Awe, but have great trouble with Whimsy. We can be brought to it, usually by making us laugh at the whimsical elements through comedy. The full expression of whimsical thought breaks all sorts of normative boundaries, engaging many defense mechanisms. By… » 5/22/14 5:07pm 5/22/14 5:07pm

There's a lot of questions there, but I'll take one of them: Why not start with the sword? The reason is twofold, one for each pilot: Lack of Knowledge, and Lack of Confidence. Remember that Raleigh hadn't been in Gypsy for years, ever since Yancy's death. He had no part in the repair and retrofitting when the sword… » 5/20/14 5:42pm 5/20/14 5:42pm

The fishermen had dragged her body in from where they'd found it out at sea. From the helicopter I could see her sleek form floating in the clear blue-green water of the shoals beneath the boats. Thin humanoid upper body, long sharp-finned lower body. She dwarfed the fishing boats that bobbed above her. Her head was a… » 4/30/14 1:42am 4/30/14 1:42am

This is not a difficult question. The future is over-determined by so many possible factors, many of which were historically beyond human understanding and control, that it is only recently that any thoughts about the far future could be useful. In fact, it may have even been detrimental to think too far ahead until… » 3/17/14 2:43pm 3/17/14 2:43pm